Inspired by many different cultures and origins, our collections push the boundaries of contemporary creativity with an eclectic style. Designs are easy to be copied yet the texture is the hardest thing to imitate.

Moving around in the world of the colors bravely, using materials form polyester to cotton or viscose to wool, we produce exclusive qualities and designs with our own distinctive weaving techniques for you. Our aim is to create user-friendly products that appeal to different tastes from modern to classic for interiors that you enjoy to live in!

“Absolute Exclusivity“

At Orlena, the notion of supporting our clients is not only a hollow concept; rather, it is the cornerstone of our creation.

Following the latest development in the industry, Orlena have always offered fully customized designs and patterns to its partners from the first phase trough to supervising execution.

We are here to bring you ideas to life! If you need any assistance about textiles just contact us, we surely can help!